Welcoming the lab to Arizona State University

In a few months, the lab will be moving from the University of Oxford to Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences. I’m pleased to announce the move, which will provide many opportunities to be more involved in the education and science outreach world in the United States – and also glad to keep up the many strong collaborations with the Ecosystems Laboratory in the UK as well as many other European partners.

The lab is going to have a strong team assembled from day one. Recruitment took months, with almost a hundred applicants from dozens of countries. I can now introduce the new members of the lab:

Luiza Aparecido, a new postdoctoral researcher from Brazil, joining from Georgianne Moore’s group at TAMU, focusing now on tropical forests and plant ecophysiology;

Pierre Gauzere, a new postdoctoral researcher from France, joining from Vincent Devictor’s group at the University of Montpellier, focusing now on community ecology and biogeography;

Courtenay Ray, a new PhD student, joining from Ingrid Parker’s group at UC Santa Cruz, focusing now on community ecology and species interactions; and

Carolyn Flower, a new masters’ student, coming from the Desert Botanical Garden, focusing on useful plants and the past impacts of native people on biodiversity in the Sonoran desert.

You can learn more about everyone at http://benjaminblonder.org/people.

Once we are all moved to Arizona in January, please consider visiting to give a seminar or talk science with this great team!

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