SophoKeys: Polytonic Greek for Mac OS X

SophoKeys provides an easy to use and standardized method for writing Ancient Greek on the Macintosh, taking advantage of the well-known Beta Code of Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. Producing platform independent Unicode output, SophoKeys is a perfect tool perfect for the modern publishing world. Creating complex documents is simple, requiring no deadkeys or modifiers except shift -- simply type in Beta Code and watch your properly marked text appear on the screen, with live-updated cues as you type!

Alternatively, SophoKeys also comes with an Express layout, which enables very rapid text entry. Features include all common breathings, accents and other marks available with a single keystroke and vowel deadkeys - type accents after letters! Furthermore, SophoKeys Express allows capital letters to be entered in the simpler shift-letter format.

SophoKeys also comes with a Caps layout which is exactly like the standard layout, but removes the need for asterisk-based capitalization. The Caps layout supports capital letter entry with either the shift or caps-lock key, then allows accents and other marks to be typed afterwards.

Implementation details:

  • Lower and upper case characters
  • All accents
  • All subscripts
  • All breathing marks
  • Macron, breve, and dieresis marks
  • Most archaic characters
  • All punctuation marks
  • All TLG Beta Code quotation marks
  • All TLG Beta Code parentheses
  • 100 TLG Beta Code additional marks
  • 100 TLG Beta Code additional characters


Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or newer (10.6 Snow Leopard compatible)
Price: Free
Current version: 1.3.2

Download: link 1

TLG Beta Code website

SophoKeys keyboard layout was written by Benjamin Blonder.

An example from Homer's Iliad

An example from the opening of Homer's Iliad.