University of Arizona Sky School

The University of Arizona Sky School provides place-based and inquiry-based science education programs to Arizona K-12 students. Using the unique sky island environment of the Catalina Mountains, the Sky School strives to merge a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines to foster a deeper understanding of our earth, while building an appreciation for sense of place. Programs are available year-round. Learn more at our website.

We also make available a range of educational resources supporting inquiry-based education in outdoor contexts. Most can be accessed via our resource wiki (lesson plans, readings, etc.) while others are provided during teacher developments.

Other educational resources

  • The secrets of leaves - leaf venation networks - art, visualization, software
  • An introduction to R for ecologists - a week-long course for learning statistics and data visualization. First taught at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, summer 2011. (upper-level undergraduate/graduate)
  • The Physics of Biological Systems - taught at Swarthmore College, spring 2008. (upper level undergraduate)
  • Tree scaling - a lesson on limits to tree height and radius. Contains theory, field experiments, and computer analysis resources. Paired with additional resources files and MATLAB code. First taught at the University of Arizona for an upper-level undergraduate course.
  • Weird plant lesson - a list of strange plants and a lesson plan for guided research projects. Taught in Tucson for 6th-8th grade. (middle/high school)