Winter is coming

September still, but winter is coming. I spent last weekend exploring Amager, an island southeast of Copenhagen. There was a crisp smell to the air and a cool breeze blowing. Many trees, like these birches (Betula sp.) are beginning to drop their leaves.

And other trees have already lost all of theirs. This part of the island is built on land reclaimed from the sea during the second world war, leading to low diversity and stands of trees that are all approximately the same age. The white bark of the birches is beautiful but the ecosystem they represent has been significantly disturbed! Perhaps this stand lost its leaves first because its environment of (next to a cow pasture) was associated with more extreme temperatures and higher winds?

The meadows are preparing for winter, too. Leaves are changing color, the last flowers are blooming, and seeds are dispersing. Their colors are subtly painted across this mostly brown landscape

Birds are migrating. The wetlands created on this artificial landscape are temporarily home to many species of birds, soon bound for warmer parts of the world.

Here the greylag goose (Anser anser) flies over the island, leaving its power plants, roads, and housing developments far behind…

But the turbines will remain throughout the winter, taking advantage of the strong North Sea winds. And I will endure the darkness, dreaming of when life returns!

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  1. Meike Meissner says:

    Hi Ben! The photo of the wind turbines is so well composed. I did not know you were in Denmark for the winter!! Ahk! Cold and gray… and oh, herring at every meal! But a lovely culture. Have a great experience! – meike

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