Leaf shrinkage on television

It is a rare pleasure to have a scientific study covered by the popular media. We got lucky with a recent publications on leaf shrinkage and climate. Inside Science TV, an educational channel produced by the American Institute of Physics, sent a film crew to our lab earlier this year to talk with University of Arizona professor Brian Enquist and me about this study.

interview 2

interview 1

Watch the final piece below, or read the scientific article or my first blog post about leaf shrinkage.

Doing TV is a challenge that our lab has faced before with different National Geographic and PBS programs (follow the links to see us in action). It’s hard to know which soundbites or footage will be best for the program’s producers, so we spend a long time with each crew to provide them many options. I am always embarrassed to see myself on video, but the piece looks great overall – check it out!

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  1. monomiao says:

    Great job, Ben đŸ™‚ You seemed talking fast. Were you nervous?

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